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A Hooligan Finds the Cure

A Hooligan Finds the Cure

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About the Book

In this candid work, Michael LeBus shares his challenging journey from a painful childhood and drug-centered adolescence, through his doomed efforts to establish a family, to more than two decades in the tough environment of a state prison system. He presents a dramatic account, without self-pity, without glorifying wrong-doing, and without sugar-coating hard realities. His principal motive in writing this story, Reverend LeBus says, was to convince others that there is a cure, “no matter who they are or what has happened in their lives.”

About the Author

Michael LeBus was born in Burbank in 1966. As a teenager, his using and selling of drugs led to both a flourishing lifestyle and periodic encounters with law enforcement. When his situation became critical, he left California for Missouri, hoping to turn his life in a better direction. Yet old patterns of behavior returned, and new choices led to his arrest and cost him his freedom. Years of imprisonment resulted in a fresh approach to life, grounded in his love for Christ. Still he was surprised that God wanted him, of all people, to write a book.

Author: Michael K. Lebus
Publisher: Two Twigs Publishing
ISBN: 9780615647029
Language: English
Pages: 284
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions (inches): 6" x 9"

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