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A Snowman in Hell - 2nd Edition

A Snowman in Hell - 2nd Edition

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About the Book

Where were you during the Christmas holidays in 1966? or ‘69 or’71?  If you were in Vietnam, these pictures might be familiar,
 if you weren’t this book brings you scenes and stories  that will open your eyes and touch your heart.

Soldiers in a brutal war, far from home, must make the best of a hard situation – with the help of family & friends, the kindness of strangers, and their own “Can Do” Spirit. The photos and memories contributed by veterans of the War in Vietnam tell a unique story.

Our troops brought Christmas to a place they called Hell - A snowman made of sandbags, A Christmas tree of discarded wood, G.I. Santas distributing gifts to Vietnamese orphans.

As you view these amazing photos and read their stories, it will be clear that in the midst of terrible destruction, pain and death, the will to and Hope and Love and to share it, lived on.



Title: A Snowman in Hell - 2nd Edition

Author: Doug Berg

Publisher: Independent Publishing Corporation

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