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Behind This Smile

Behind This Smile

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About the Book

"God Will Make A Way!" "And I will make my mountains into level paths for them. The highways will raised above the valleys." Isiah 49:10-11 This book is about the hardships and struggles of a mother and her six phenomenal children and grandchildren.


About the Author

Gloria K. Stuart is the Author of Behind This Smile Book. The Founder of Behind This Smile LLC and Website/Personal Blog. She is a hopeful optimist with aspirations bigger than life. She dreams of her accomplishments that are rewarding and abundantly beneficial to her success in life, therefore allowing her to give back and serve her community. As an Author, Blogger and Business Woman, she wholeheartedly believes in helping those in need. Follow Gloria on her journey and watch as her dreams come true.



Title: Behind This Smile 

Author: Gloria K. Stuart

Publisher: Mira Digital Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-63110-333-9

Language: English

Pages: 58

Binding: Paperback

Dimensions (inches): 6" x 9"

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