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Chronicles From The Heart

Chronicles From The Heart

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About the Book

My dream book was written according to basically how I, Michael Jones, grew up with watching so much abuse; my parents fighting at times, getting picked on, laughed at, my father being a functional alcoholic, and me myself. One of my uncles committed suicide when I was 9 years old and this really took an effect on my younger life, I was so traumatized until I grew a little older and then became a chronic drug addict, but I turned my life around. On 1-3-19 I decided to testify about my life, making terrible mistakes, prison stints and all. I truly feel that my words of my book can encourage others to be productive members of society, my story could save lives by sharing experiences and hope about reaching out and helping others. In Jesus's name amen.


About the Author

My name is Mr. Michael Jones and I grew up rough, being disobedient, being raised by single parent. I'm the second oldest out of five siblings, two boys and three girls, my mother worked two jobs to make ends meet. I ended up dropping out of high school trying to help my mother in the house hold and started hanging out with bad crowds; getting in trouble, going to jail and prison, abusing drugs and alcoholic beverages. I started drugs at a very young age at 14 years old, starting with marijuana and cocaine, but I recently turned my life around at 57 years old. I decided to get into treatment on January 3rd, 2019 - get a sponsor, do the first 90 meetings in 90 days, and I'm presently going to meetings for the rest of my life, something I chose to do the rest of my life journey..



Title: Chronicles From The Heart

Author: Michael Jones

Publisher: GCG Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-63110-407-7

Language: English

Pages: 48

Binding: Paperback

Dimensions (inches): 8.5" x 11"

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