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Deadly Affair - A Linn County Scandal

Deadly Affair - A Linn County Scandal

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About the Book

This story happened over 90 years ago in the small town of La Cygne, in Linn County, Kansas. Elleanor Scott, wife of a grocery and meat market owner, was shot to death in her kitchen late one summer evening in 1923, after she and her husband returned home from an outing. Her husband, Ellison Scott, was charged with the murder after an investigation led to no suspects other than him. He maintained that a rail rider had been seen in town the same day of his wife's murder, and he felt this stranger must have killed his wife while robbing their home. While authorities investigated Ellison's claims, much evidence was found of illicite affairs, and behaviors that centered around Ellison having been the culprit in his wife's murder. This is a true story that was considered the crime of the century in Kansas at that time.

About the Author

Lorraine Robinson is a native of Kansas. Born in Moran, Kansas in 1951, she lived with her family on a farm near the small town of Blue Mound (in Linn Co.) until she was seven years old. Her family then moved to Stafford, Kansas and eventually to Hutchinson, Kansas where she graduated from high school. Shortly after, she moved to Topeka and went to work for AT&T where she was employed until 1987. She married in 1979 and had a son in 1981. In 1991 she and her husband travelled to Romania to adopt a daughter who was then 6 weeks old. She spent the next several years raising her children. She has been a portrait artist and illustrator since high school, and has enjoyed this talent. She has never authored a book before Deadly Affair, but enjoys reading and tried to write this story the way she herself would like to read it. 'It's a story that needed to be told.'

Title: Deadly Affair - A Linn County Scandal
Author: Lorraine Robinson
Publisher: Mira Digital
ISBN: 978-1-63110-076-5
Language: English
Pages: 193
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions (inches): 9.5" x 5.5"

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