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Lukes Orthography the Spell Finder

Lukes Orthography the Spell Finder

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About the Book

This book and computer program were written for anyone that suffers from "spelling deficit disorder". It clears up any uncertainties at a glance. With mis-spelled words, correct spelled words, definitions. All spelled logically and phonetically. Not sure of the spelling? Not sure of the meaning? Do you want your child to get better grades? This is the book you need!

Enclosed Disc: Picture spell check with a definitions by every word you search for.

About the Author

The author D.L. Lukes was totally baffled by spelling as a child. Words didn't sound the way they were spelled. He couldn't look words up because he couldn't spell them. The frustration grew as he built a million dollar corporation. "Nothing makes a person look dumber than mis-spelling or mis-using a word others know well". He spent 6 years writing and researching the book he needed all his life to help himself and others.

Title:Lukes Orthography the Spell Finder
Author:D L Lukes
Publisher: Mira Digital Publishing
Dimensions (inches):5.5" x 8.5"