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P.D. Cooper and his Christmas Adventure

P.D. Cooper and his Christmas Adventure

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About the Book
P.D. is a very charming dog with a lot of character and loyalty to the family! Come join P.D. Cooper during his Christmas adventures. He loves to explore and finds adventure in the most unexpected places and very unusual treasures!


About the Author

Darlene A. Novak-Suter Christmas is a retired federal bank examiner, turned audit manager, turned Real Estate Broker, turned motivational speaker, turned author of children’s books and poetry - her passion and current undertaking. She claims to be “a country girl who used to live in the big city” and now lives on farmland near the community her grandparents established in the early 1900’s. Darlene writes for fun and entertainment - true to life ideas are integral to the stories she tells on paper. She finds inspiration watching her dog P. D. Cooper and other creatures of nature on the farm and in the Rocky Mountains. There is where her creative juices flow and her written works come at an easy pace.

Title: "P.D. Cooper and His Christmas Adventures"
Author: Darlene A. Novak-Suter
Publisher: Mira Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-63110-074-1
Language: English
Pages: 40
Binding: Perfect Bound
Dimensions (inches): 8.5"x11"