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Pangaea: The Mongoose Phalanx

Pangaea: The Mongoose Phalanx

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About the book
More comic adventures with Zephyr, Henry, and Kyle amidst the smoldering rubble of young adulthood. Lucid dreams, awkward romances, day-job grumblings, artistic ridicule, and gruesome dogfights all in the second volume of Pangaea.
About The Author:
Kevin Wolf is the creator of the comic strip Pangaea. He started drawing comics in 2006 at his day job because drawing comics is more fun than talking to customers. Since then Kevin has been drawing absurd, emotionally unstable animals whenever he can. He hopes to one day become a syndicated newspaper cartoonist. Kevin was awarded the "Best Local Comic Book" in 2008 by the St. Louis weekly Riverfront Times. In his free time, he explores abandoned buildings, plays Nintendo, and reads bad sci-fi. You can see his work at:
Title: Pangaea: The Mongoose Phalanx
Author: Kevin Wolf
Publisher: Pangaea Comics
Distributor & Wholesale Availability: Please contact Kevin at kevinwolf82 [at] for details.
Language: English
Pages: 130
Binding: Soft cover
Dimensions (inches): 9" x 7"