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Portals of Magic

Portals of Magic

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About the Book

In Portals of Magic, the fascinating saga that began with the first book, Back to Magic, and continued with the second book, Visions of Magic,comes to its poignant conclusion in Portals of Magic. A story that spans the generations and proves that true love can indeed survive through time.


About the Author

Sue Randolph is happy and busy "home on the range" in eastern Colorado, where she loves her outdoor life. She is also spending much of her time traveling to places where the old west has left tantalizing clues for her next novel.





Title:  Portals of Magic

Author: Sue Randolph

Publisher: GCG Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-63110-325-4

Language: English

Pages: 328

Binding: Paperback

Dimensions (inches): 6" x 9"


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