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Rock 'n' Roll Savior

Rock 'n' Roll Savior

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About the book
Rev DeHaviland ventures off to the big city to be a rock star. From day one, however, he realizes this might not be your typical rise to the top. He encounters his rock gods, plus the ghosts of Hendrix and Johnson, who try to guide his way. His love life is a tangle as he leaves behind a hometown girlfriend and meets a provocative attorney in Rocksylvania. Along the way to stardom, there's a trip to a hospital, an arrest of his drummer and unusual gigs. In the end, his mission changes. Is his purpose to actually save rock 'n' roll or the souls of past heroes stuck in purgatory? There are plenty of surprises, especially at the end.
Title: Rock 'n' Roll Savior
Author: Rex L. Troute
Publisher: Hathaway & Thompson Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-0-615-23967-5
Language: English
Pages: 500
Binding: Perfect bound
Dimensions (inches): 6" x 9"