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Teardrops on the Petals

Teardrops on the Petals

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About the Book

This book contains poems and short stories that will cause the reader to feel many different emotions. Some of the content will produce feelings of euphoria such as love and feelings of desire because some of the poems are about love, loss of love,and even some are erotic. Some are about relatable topics such as poverty,hope in hard times,and substance abuse. Some of the poems can be describe as religious. There is a short story about a mother and the disturbing,abusive relationship she has with her daughter and the neglect this same mother gives to her son. This same short story contains bullying,prostitution,suicide,and physical/verbal abuse. Another short story symbolizes the mistreatment and alienation of something or someone when it or they do not fit the status quo or quality of what one might think is normal. More ! less the misfit can sometimes be just as important or beautiful as something that is considered to be conventional. Another poem centers around youth, alienation,and gun violence.




Title: Teardrops on the Petals

Author: Amanda Justice

Publisher: GCG Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-63110-432-9

Language: English

Pages: 50

Binding: Paperback

Dimensions (inches): 6" x 9"

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