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The Last Ride Up

The Last Ride Up

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About the Book

Follow the adventures of a Florida boy on a “Bucket List” birthday trip into the mountains of western Montana. An old cowboy friend of mine, disguised as a speech-language pathologist and retired University of Montana professor, led me on horseback into the magnificent Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness for a five-day stay. While overcoming the dangers of living in the wild, outdoor plumbing, large rocks and a troubled bridge over rushing water, we continued our 30 plus years of discussions about life and on the trail of it. Reflection comes easy when you exist in such a beautiful setting. The book is a story of discovery as well as self-discovery. My acquired revelations became even more important when I realized that it was, indeed, The Last Ride Up.

About the Author

Anthony A. “Tony” Zenner, PhD, lives on 92 acres, christened the San and Tone Star Ranch, in Old Town, Florida. Accompanying him on a regular basis are his wife, Sandy, three salvaged horses, a burro named Charlie, seven rescued dogs, six liberated cats and whomever is doing a sleep-over. The two doggie doors, and theirs, are open 24/7/365. Oscar, a neighborhood Lhasa Apso, was a recent overnight visitor. An early morning tail-count revealed him. He liked our dog’s food and they seemed happy to share. Human friends are treated likewise.

Title: The Last Ride Up
Author: Anthony A. Zenner
Publisher: Mira Digital Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-63068-576-8
Language: English
Pages: 180
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions (inches): 5" x 7"

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