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The Roles Teachers Play

The Roles Teachers Play

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About the Book

Every teacher, every educator has a given strategy from which he or she relates to students and vice versa. Any one of these given strategies rests on a foundation of specific perceptions and behaviors interrelated to define what is called a role. Each role reflects an internal logic that defines a particular orientation and response pattern that achors the culture of the class. This manual explores each of these personas ( The Indifferent, The Authoritarian, The Buddy, The Transplant, The Effective Teacher), and examines how they predictably interact with the roles students play (The Clown, The Drifter, The Go-Getter, The Victim, The Cynic, The Troublemaker).

About the Author

Forrestine Eubanks has very longstanding experience as a highly effective adult educator both as an administrator and teacher. She has vast experience with diverse populations: military veterans, young mothers, out-of-school youth, and hospital employees, construction workers, ex-offenders. She has achieved excellent results with each group. She’s also taught elementary school, high school and college.

Title: The Roles Teachers Play
Author: Forrestine Eubanks
Publisher: Independent Publishing Company
ISBN: 978-1893-937-46-8
Language: English
Pages: 265
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions (inches): 8" x 6"