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The Soviet Network

The Soviet Network

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About the Book

THE SOVIET NETWORK, is a historical novel about life in The Soviet Union's authoritarian culture. The story begins when a Ukrainian officer devotes his adult life planning a coup to overthrow an entrenched communist oligarchy with powerful loyalties. His underground network of revolutionaries is stationed throughout 15 republics of the USSR and includes all segments of soviet society. When the master plan is exposed, violence and murder create an uncertain future throughout Russia's empire. Success of the soviet network lies in the balance. Families and romantic relationships are caught in a violent web of intrigue that challenges future commitments. Those of us who live in democracies will be reminded by contrast, how life in a totalitarian dictatorship can destroy our human spirit.


About the Author

Amerigo Merenda is the son of Italian immigrants whose interest in writing began with his father's bed time stories. His love of history motivated him to connect historical events with human drama. Whenever political and interpersonal drama are combined, readers expect intensity of events and relationships to follow. Mr. Merenda's career as an educator is now consumed by writing, teaching and conducting public forums across Long Island where current event issues are discussed..





Title:  The Soviet Network

Author: Amerigo Merenda

Publisher: Mira Digital Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-63110-264-6

Language: English

Pages:  254

Binding: Paperback

Dimensions (inches): 6" x 9"

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